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Toby Fox's Cycle to MIPIM blog
Day Four: plein d'esprit

We set off from Beaune at dawn, hoping for 15 degrees today. At this point we headed due south, leaving our south easterly diagonal detour.

Day Three: solidaires en peloton

From Blois, we head out on the longest day of the event and a journey which takes us from the forests of the Loire, through the heart of Burgundy's vine-clad hills – and not a drop to drink or even think about ....

Day Two: Le grand défi

The ferry had been typically uneventful, but at least it allowed us three or four hours kip and then the unpleasant alarm call.

Toby Fox's Cycle to MIPIM blog
Day One: une petite déviation

Alarm went off at 5.30 this morning and I realised: that's a lie in. It will be sounding at 4.30 every day for six days now, and an hour ahead on continental time ...

Consultation service launched

3Fox International has launched a public engagement and consultation service to help developers achieve planning permission by ensuring their proposed schemes are aligned with the needs of local people and councils' objectives. Louise Rodgers, former director of Quatro PR, will manage the initiative.

Southwark partnership works out

A decade-long relationship between 3Fox International and Southwark Council – which recently saw the 14th issue of Southwark magazine published – was celebrated at a new leisure centre in the borough last night (8 March).

Excitement mounts for Cycle to MIPIM

3Fox International managing director Toby Fox and Hounslow Council's executive director of regeneration, economic development and environment, Brendon Walsh, have expressed their anticipation in advance of following a new circuit called the Nouveau Route (sic) on this year's Cycle to MIPIM ride, from 10 to 15 March.

3Fox gears up for Cycle to MIPIM

3Fox International is helping to establish a new route for the 11th annual charity bicycle ride from London to MIPIM in Cannes, France, which takes place this month.

3Fox organises second Developing Councils masterclass

More than 40 mainly council officer delegates discovered what progress local authorities are making in setting up housing companies when they attended the second SocInvest Masterclass last week.

Biggest ever Sitematch London

The fifth Sitematch London, 3Fox International's event which brings together local authorities and the private sector to encourage development in the capital, was the biggest yet.

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